Vengeance, Inc. – coming 2024

Animal poaching for body parts and big game hunting collide violently with retired special warfare operators of Vengeance, Inc., a covert enterprise that exterminates those who kill for ivory, tusks, pelts and trophies.  Jungle justice prevails as the secretly funded organization directed by billionaire Delbert Burroughs follows the chain, interdicts syndicates sponsoring the carnage, and draws a groundswell of public support for stopping the trapping and shooting of big cats, elephants, rhinos, bears, wolves, seal pups and gorillas.  ‘Colt’, a striking brunette apprentice and freshly retired Marine Recon sniper, with her team, drive the perverts of animal murder into a frenzy and loosen the gates of hell on those would support them.

D C Russell brings the wilds of Africa and Alaska to the convergence of politics, moneyed elite, conservation advocacy, and the death rattle of wildlife.

The Socratic Contract; coming soon – Vengeance, Inc.